Bead Doctor Tutorial – Festival Feathers Necklace

From Glastonbury to Notting Hill this flamboyant necklace will suit every festival occasion!

From Glastonbury to Notting Hill, with its flamboyant style, this Festival Feathers necklace will suit every occasion!

Bead Doctor Tutorial – Mellow Yellow Beads Necklace

Mellow Yellow Beads Necklace Tutorial

This Mellow Yellow Beads Necklace will brighten up the dullest day. Make a little bit of sunshine with my easy to follow tutorial.

Bead Doctor Tutorial – Bead Collar

Bead Collar Necklace - Greetings from the Bead Doctor

Use glass and miracle beads to make this stunning bead collar necklace !

Bead Doctor Tutorial – Classic Monochrome

Bead Doctor Tutorial: Under a Tenner - Classic Monochrome Necklace

The Bead Doctor is tightening her belt! Make a Classic monochrome necklace for under a tenner in her latest money saving tutorial.

Guest Tutorial – Filled Net Peacock Bead

Guest Tutorial: Filled Net Peacock Bead by Jenny Argyle

This filled net bead in peacock colours is sure to dazzle. Learn how to make it with our guest tutorial from Jenny Argyle.

Bead Doctor Tutorial – Heart Bracelet

Bead Doctor Tutorial - Heart Bracelet

This heart bracelet from the Bead Doctor is a timeless classic. Make this beautiful design in four easy steps.

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