Bead Doctor Tutorial – Flapper Style

The Bead Doctor steps back in time to the twenties for her latest tutorial. Her flapper style necklace is sure to add panache to your wardrobe ready for the upcoming party season.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Flapper Style Necklace Step 1: Gather Materials

    Step 1: Gather materials

    Find a list of everything you will need below.

    Pause the steps at any time by mousing over the slideshow and clicking the pause button. Click the pause button again to continue.

    Use the left-right arrows or slide numbers to navigate.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Flapper Style Necklace Step 2: Cut Trace Chain

    Step 2: Cut trace chain

    Measure and cut twelve 7cm lengths of trace chain.

    Attach the end link of four lengths of chain to a 4mm jump ring, close the jump ring.

    Repeat for the remaining lengths.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Flapper Style Necklace Step 3: Add Jump Rings to an Eyepin

    Step 3: Add jump rings to eyepin

    Open the loop of an eyepin and attach all three of the 4mm jump rings, close the eyepin loop.

    Thread on a bead tip followed by a 6mm bead.

    Trim the eyepin 1cm above the bead, bend into a loop and attach another eyepin.

    Close the loop.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Flapper Style Necklace Step 4: Thread a rhinestone bead onto the eyepin

    Step 4: Thread rhinestone bead onto the eyepin

    Thread a rhinestone bead onto the eyepin.

    Trim the eyepin 1cm above the bead, bend into a loop, add an 8mm jump ring and close the loop.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Flapper Style Necklace Step 5: Make a beaded chain

    Step 5: Make beaded chain

    Make a chain of nine 6mm beads using eyepins.

    Attach one end to the jump ring, add another eyepin with a rhinestone bead.

    Trim the eyepin 1cm above the bead

    Bend into a loop

    Add an 8mm jump ring and close the loop.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Flapper Style Necklace Step 6: Add 3 Chains to the Jump Ring

    Step 6: Add chains to jump ring

    Add three chains of twelve 4mm beads to the jump ring.

    Add an 8mm jump ring to join the three chains.

    Add an eyepin with a rhinestone bead to the jump ring.

    Trim the eyepin 1cm above the bead.

    Bend into a loop.

    Add a chain of seventeen 6mm beads and an 8mm jump ring to the last eyepin.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Flapper Style Necklace Step 7: Add Trigger Clasp

    Step 7: Add Trigger Clasp

    Repeat steps four and five to make the other half of the necklace.

    Add a trigger clasp to the end 8mm jump ring.

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Greetings from the Bead Doctor

Bead Doctor Greeting - Flapper Style

Chic and elegant style!

If I had to pick any era for fashion I think it would have to be the 1920’s. The flapper style must have been a breath of fresh air after the stuffiness of the Victorian era. Flapper girls were considered to be quite brash with their short dresses, bobbed hair, heavy make up and scorn for what was then considered acceptable behaviour. What I really love is that their anarchistic approach to dressing resulted in such chic and elegant style. This week I have tried to replicate some of their panache and designed my own flapper necklace. The party season is closing in and this sparkly string of beads will fit the bill perfectly. Have fun beady people!

Top Tip

Pave Rhinestone Beads - Beads Unlimited

Choose colours to suit your style

Why not try different colours of pave rhinestone beads to match your outfit?  Or how about smaller beads for a more dainty look? Beads Unlimited do a lovely range of these Shamballa style beads.

Giving it away!

Sorry, this giveaway is now closed. For a chance to win this kit, we asked you to tell us what your favourite fashion era or style is and why. Our winner is Julie Hart who posted on 24th October. Congratulations Julie, enjoy your goodies.


To add all the materials needed for this project, simply click the button below to add it to your basket. Or, if you are just short of one or two bits, click on the individual items.*

You will also need Craft multi pliers (CRMT) – Not Included

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  1. Rachael says:

    Would have to be the forties, loving all things pearly. x

  2. Carol Martin says:

    Wow this looks gorgeous, so would love to win the materials to make it. Ive only been beading a year, so still love new ideas

  3. Deb says:

    What a difficult question!
    I love the coats from the twenties – lovely snuggly fur collars (would have to be faux now, of course).
    For dresses I would go for the thirties – just think of Fred and Ginger.
    Finally, I love the jewellery of the late fifities and early sixties – the heyday of really good costume gems. They release my inner ‘Mad Men’!

  4. Julie Hart says:

    Definitely have to be the “roaring twenties” – just love the art deco style. So trendy yet elegant. I’m very new to jewellery making, only started 2 months ago but loving iit.
    I also make greeting cards and use this style on them. My daughter got a twenties themed birthday card this year and said it was as good as Clintons – high praise indeed!!

  5. sian williams says:

    Thats a hard one for me as have many styles and love to mix them up a bit :-) by using clothes to dress my jewellery up or down and using lots of different colours and textures. Outfits never look the same twice xxx

  6. vicky says:

    I love the different styles of past years – I love 1920s for Art decco . i also love victorian and tudor style pieces

  7. Gill Colling says:

    I love glamour goth, I’m not worried about any particular era, I just like to wear what makes me happy…reds, blacks and silvers with velvets and leathers….ribbons and chains and deep rich colours.

  8. Jewels16 says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for making me a winner of the fabulous necklace. I’m sending in a photo to the gallery of my efforts. I also had enough beads to make a matching pair of earrings. This is a Christmas present for my daughter-in-law.
    Thanks again.

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