Beadalon Knotter Tool Review.

The Beadalon Knotter tool is a very handy piece of kit. Read all about it and win a huge stack of beady goodies!

Beadalon Knotter Tool review

Beadalon Knotter Tool Review by Kat Turner

If I’d known then what I Know now!

Our product reviewer, Kat Turner, recently road tested the Beadalon Knotter tool and wished she had discovered it a long time ago! Read her cautionary tale about offering help before knowing the details and the importance of having the right tool for the job!

Kat’ll fix it

Many moons ago I was enjoying a drink in our local, when a friend’s mother mentioned a string of beads she wished she could still wear. They were a souvenir of a long-ago foreign holiday and very dear to her, unfortunately over time the thread had worn, the string was broken and she didn’t know how to mend it. I wanted to help and so foolishly proclaimed “I work for Beads Unlimited, I’m sure I can fix them for you!”

The next time I saw her, she pulled from her handbag what at first appeared to be several metres of teeth. On closer inspection it turned out to be the afore-mentioned necklace, extremely long and made up of tiny ivory beads with a knot in-between each one. As most of you will probably know, precious bead strings are often knotted to protect the beads from rubbing against each other and to minimise loss should they break.

I promised to have it back in full working order as soon as possible, not anticipating any problems. I should explain at this point that although I’ve worked here for many years I’m not the creative type, I am in fact in constant awe at the jewellery made by colleagues and customers. Consequently my idea of making a necklace was threading some beads and tying a knot, not dozens of knots!

Getting knotted

Beadalon knotter tool from Beads Unlimited

Beadalon knotter tool

As soon as I got home I set to work and cut all of the beads off the thread. That took quite a while (I’m not patient either). Then of course all I had to do was re-string them, easy peasy! I had some silk thread which has an integral needle so the actual threading was fine, but the knots were a nightmare! Even using the needle to ‘chase them down’ they seldom ended up where I wanted them to, so being a bit of a perfectionist I had to keep starting over. It seemed to be taking forever, naturally I got tired of this pretty quickly and decided to try again later.

I really meant to get them done but as the days and weeks passed I kept finding other more enjoyable occupations. Eventually I felt so guilty I considered telling her we’d been burgled and her beads were stolen! Since this seemed a little extreme I finally knuckled down and finished the job, not, sadly, to my satisfaction but I didn’t think I’d done too badly. I gave them back and she said “Oh thanks, I’d forgotten about those” and needless to say I’ve never once seen her wear them since.

Beadalon Knotter Tool saves sanity!

Beadalon Knotter Tool in detail

Easy peasy to use!

Much as I would like to put this whole sorry experience behind me, I find myself reminded of my failure every time I see one of our items, the Beadalon Knotter Tool. If only we’d had them then! Our boss, Geoff, tends to give me new products to make sure they’re foolproof. So when they first arrived I had a little play and couldn’t believe how simple they were to use (even for me). The knot is tied around a prong, the thread pulled taught through a channel then the base plate is pushed up to ‘cast off’ and position the knot. I realise all you beady types have lots of clever tricks up your sleeves but to anyone attempting to work with pearls, crystals or any other precious beads I can’t recommend this enough, save your beads and your sanity!

Win Beady Goodies!

Beadalon Knotter Tool Competition Prize

Win these fabulous goodies!

The competition to win over £60 worth (retail) of beads, silk threads, findings and a fabulous Beadalon Knotter is now closed. Entries will be judged by an expert panel including Meredith Roddy from Beadalon! Winners will be announced and a gallery of some of our favourite entries will be posted in the next few weeks.

Bead along with Beadalon

  • If you would like more information on the Beadalon Knotter tool, take a look at the informative video on the Beadalon website.
  • Fancy trying your hand with the Beadalon Knotter Tool? Why not give the Bead Doctor’s Simple Stringing project a go.

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