Bead Barmy Blog is Bigger and Better

The spruced up Bead Barmy blog has arrived with lots of lovely new features.

It is an exciting time here at Bead Barmy. It has been a long process, complete with tear shedding, hand wringing and the odd strop but we think it has been worth it.

What’s new?

Click on our slideshow to take a look at some of our new features.

  • Bead Barmy Blog - New Look: Welcome

    What\\\'s new on the Bead Barmy Blog?

    Thanks to all you readers and contributors the Bead Barmy has really blossomed over the last few years. As we have grown, we thought a little reorganisation was due

    Here is a little bit about some of our new features.

    Pause the screen at any time by mousing over the slideshow and clicking the pause button.

  • Bead Barmy Blog - New Look: Drop Down Menu

    Drop Down Menu

    An easy to navigate drop down menu helps you find your way around the blog and go straight to the post you are looking for

  • Bead Barmy Blog - New Look: Archive Sidebar

    Archive Sidebar

    Find posts past and present in our easy to use sidebar

  • Bead Barmy Blog - New Look: Slideshow Tutorials

    Slideshow Tutorials

    Our step by step instructions just got even easier to follow with our simple slideshow layout.

  • Bead Barmy Blog - New Look: Tutorials Materials List

    Materials List

    At the end of each tutorial you will find a one click button to add all materials needed to your basket.

    If you just need to stock up on one or two bits, there is also an illustrated list for you to pick your supplies from.

  • Bead Barmy Blog - New Look: Readers Gallery

    Reader\\\'s Gallery

    Our popular Reader’s Galleries have a new look too. Thumbnail pictures can now be clicked on to expand to a lovely, large image of your creations in glorious colour.

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Onwards and upwards!

We think you will find our new look blog is easy to find your way around and a delight to look at. As the Bead Barmy blog continues to grow, there will be more user friendly enhancements and features along the way. We hope you enjoy your new look, favourite, one stop beading blog.

Gently does it

Please be gentle on us as we introduce some lovely new features onto the blog. As is always the case with change some may find the new style a shock – do let us know if you are having issues by sending us an email entitled ‘Bead Barmy Blog issues’  at (provide as much info as possible please) or leave a comment on the page you are having problems with. Glowing praise for our brand new style will also be graciously accepted!

Have your say

We would love to hear your suggestions for future enhancements we can consider – we have some exciting plans lined up but there is nothing like hearing from our lovely readers directly! Please leave your comments below and tell us what you like about the new Bead Barmy blog. Does it get a thumbs up from you?


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  1. Louisa says:

    Loving your new look – so colourful!

  2. Angela says:

    Great info and beautiful items!

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