Blog Stars We Want You! Win Beady Treats!

Would you love to be featured on the Bead Barmy blog? Here is how to get your name in lights!

Blog stars, there are so many ways to get yourself noticed and win some goodies. Here are a few suggestions.

Hobby to Business

Bead Barmy Showcase: Hobby to business

Kay Vincent talked trade

Have you managed to turn your beading hobby into a business? Our blog readers would love to hear about it, whatever stage you are at, whatever size and however successful it’s been. Tell us about reasons why you started, the ups and downs and what the future holds. Please send us a bit about yourself to in an email entitled ‘Bead Barmy – Hobby to Business’ and we’ll be in touch.
Please take a look at our previous Hobby to Business posts for a few ideas.

If you are featured on the blog we will send you a parcel of beady goodies for your delight!

Tell us a Story

Bead Barmy Showcase: Tell us a story

Beading for the future in Moldova

Do you have a beading story for the Bead barmy blog? It can be charity based or just an unusual way that you’ve made beads work for you! One of our previous articles came from Jo Allen who told us all about the Summer camps she and her husband run for young people in Moldova. It was an inspiring read and helped to spread awareness to the cause. If you have a beading tale to tell, please send us an email entitled ‘Bead Stories’ to and we will be in touch. If your story is about a charity, please let us know the registration number.

If you are featured we will send a parcel of beady goodies for you or, if applicable, your charity.

Beading Groups

Bead Barmy Showcase: Beading Groups

Clacton Bead Queens

If you run or belong to a bead group we would love to hear from you. We would like a bit of background info – how the group began, what you do, any competitions you enter, plus two or three pictures including one of your group in action! We welcome any entries – whether you’re a team of two chatting about your latest purchases or a well-oiled beading machine with a cast of thousands! Take a look at the range of groups in our bead groups category. Please send an email entitled ‘Bead Group’ to

If you are featured a Beads Unlimited Gift Voucher to share with the group will be winging its way to you for your efforts.

Share your knowledge

Bead Barmy Showcase: Top Tips

Helen Bowen shared her top tips

Do you have some top tips? Helen Bowen recently wrote us a fascinating blog article on bead caps and all the ways they can be used. We would love to see more on how our products are being used in wonderful ways.
If you would like to share your knowledge on one of our products and show us what you do please send us an email, with a few lines on your idea, entitled ‘Beading Ideas’ to and we will be in touch.

If you are featured we will send you a parcel of beady goodies or a Beads Unlimited gift voucher to use on some lovely new beads.

Blog Guest Tutorials

Bead Barmy Showcase: Guest Projects

Chloe Menage’s Japanese lanterns tutorial

Do you have a favourite project you would like to share on our blog? We welcome all ideas for guest tutorials. Projects must use our current products and have clear photos and instructions. Here is a link to previous guest tutorials to give you an idea of the layout. These lovely Japanese lanterns are from Chloe Menage’s guest tutorial.

Please send us an email entitled ‘Guest Tutorial’ to creative@beadsunlimited with your idea and we will be in touch.

If you are featured we will send you a Beads Unlimited gift voucher to use on some lovely new beads.

What we need

Bead Barmy Showcase: Guest Bloggers

Stars of Bead Barmy!

If your idea is accepted for any of the above posts we will need a few good quality, relevant pictures illustrating your story or project and one of yourself. Please ensure that the pictures are no more than 5mb in total for each email.
We will also need a few paragraphs of text for your story or, if it is a tutorial, precise, step by step instructions.

If you have your own website or blog that you would like to be linked to if you are showcased, please let us know with your entry. All we ask is a mention with a link to Beads Unlimited on your page (with a link on the word ‘beads’ only).

Reader’s Gallery

Bead Barmy Showcase: Reader's Gallery

Fiona Tate’s a winner!

An easy way to get yourself in with a chance to be featured on our blog is to enter our regular reader’s gallery competition. Details of the latest theme can be found on our latest Reader’s Gallery or on Facebook. Entering is easy! For a chance to be featured, all you need to do is upload a photo of your work onto our facebook page or send us an email entitled ‘Reader’s Gallery’ (plus the current theme title) to

Our favourites are then featured in the following Bead Barmy blog gallery and one lucky beader wins a £10 online Beads Unlimited gift voucher.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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