Special Thanks for the Great Beady Bake Off!

Last year, you took to your kitchens in droves when we asked you to host ‘Sea and Cakes’ parties to support the RNLI. Some very special thanks are the order of the day.

A momentous year


Linda and her friends fly the flag

As many of you will be aware, 2011 was our Silver Jubilee year and a major part of our celebrations was raising money for the RNLI. We asked customers, close friends and casual acquaintances to support our efforts by inviting their friends and family to eat cake for the cause!

Your response was fantastic. We had reports of overstuffed office workers as cakes were taken to work on a daily basis. Some of you widened the brief and sold handmade jewellery alongside your Victoria sponge for added help. Whatever the size of your party, every penny was very gratefully received and we cannot thank you all enough.

Bake for the prize


An RNLI flag completes Linda’s spread

When we made the call for help we thought it would be fun to add a bit of competition to the proceedings. We decided that there would be an award for the tea party that raised the most money and also for our favourite event or cake. Of course, we couldn’t do the taste test so we had to go on looks alone! Here are the results.

The hostess with the mostest

Special thanks go to Linda Peace. Linda managed to raise £210 at her event back in May 2011 and then donated another £30 from another little event earlier this year. We will be sending Linda a Beads Unlimited gift voucher as a token of gratitude for all her hard work.

Queen of cakes


Tracey lets us in on her secret!

Our award for our favourite cake goes to Tracey Mallaby. Tracey held the first tea party of 2011 and made an array of gorgeous edibles. We will be sending Tracey an award for sharing her recipes with us including her, now not so, secret pumpkin cake! Thanks again Tracey.

RNLI round up

Please look out for future posts on Silver Jubilee reviews, star fundraisers, what your donations will be spent on. If you’d like a trip down memory lane, dip into our Silver Jubilee category and see what fun we had! There is still time to donate if you would like to. Please visit our fundraising page.

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