A Winning Hat Trick! Craft Business Awards 2012

For the third year in a row Beads Unlimited has cleaned up at the Craft Business awards. Join in the celebrations and win a £25 gift voucher!


Beads Unlimited’s big win!

Silly grins have been spreading like a rash as news of our triumph at the Craft Business awards has permeated through beading headquarters. For the third year running, we have won best bead supplier so we definitely have something to smile about!

We would like to offer a big thank you to all of you who voted for us.

And that is not all

In total, Beads Unlimited won 3 major categories:

  • Best bead supplier
  • Best website
  • Best support and service

Win a £25 gift voucher


Big chief Geoff celebrates!

Sorry, this competition is now closed.



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  1. I think Beads Unlimited is the best as they have an easy to use website,a great Blog and fantastic tutorials-perfect for a novice like me.

  2. Gill Colling says:

    Beads Unlimited is simply the best cos they have the friendliest crew, the best competitions and a brilliant range of goodies :D

  3. Lynne Shorey says:

    Your the best because your all so helpful and friendly. Your stock is rather good too ;)

  4. Jayne Hussey says:

    BU is great because of the wide range of stock and of course great blog articles and fab competitions! Well done :)

  5. Jo Douglass says:

    One of the reasons you’re the best is definitely your customer service, so I’m really glad to see you won in this category this year! Congratulations! Aside from the service, your selection, prices, and fast shipping are all great. And the website is excellent, very user-friendly and clear. And then the blogs, tutorials, and galleries are really going above and beyond what you’d expect from a shop! I just love Beads Unlimited all round, really. :p

  6. Connie McKenzie says:

    Beads Unlimited is the best for buying beads from, They always deliver on time with good quality products, i have never had to return anything yet. Quick shipping means that if your using them for your business supplier that you can get your creations made on time and there for making your own company’s service better. I’ve tried many bead shops over the years but none of them compare in quality or in price. But the thing i love most about beads unlimited is there tutorials and idea’s for beading, Some times when i’m feeling low in inspiration i’l sieve threw the bead barmy blog and come away with some awesome idea’s to try and expand on. Over all a great site for both beginners and businesses.
    I’d say that i’d definitly recommend it to all my beading friends but i already have. they definitly deserve there craft business award of the year.

  7. Laura Stopforth says:

    BeadsUnlimited are the best because they provide inspiration, motivation and beauty to all beaders. The supplies are superb and very beautiful to enable us to create stunning pieces. Always there with fab service!

  8. Chris Towey says:

    Simply the Best – stock, support, projects, price, service, speedy delivery! Who could ask for anything more

  9. Helen Bowen says:

    Beads Unlimited is so much more than a bead supplier. With it’s friendly staff and wonderful online presence,it’s formed a community that supports customers and provides expert advice as well as celebrating the talent of its followers. Keep it up!

  10. Beads Unlimited are The Best
    So much better than the rest
    They cater for all our needs
    With a huge supply of beads
    They also support charity
    Because they’re as nice as nice can be!
    They often offer great prizes
    Giving away beads of all shapes and sizes
    They also sell cords
    And they win lots of awards
    So get on over to their website
    No matter what time of day or night
    Or even better, visit their shop
    And fill your basket until you drop!

  11. Jo Allen says:

    Many Congratulations!! Very deserved winners :D Your stock is great, service is excellent, delivery is swift and the Bead Shop is my favourite shop – A trip to Brighton is never complete without a visit !!!

  12. Grethe says:

    Beads Unlimited and Brighton Bead Shop are great for several reasons:
    - Reasonable prices
    - Good shipping rates, also when sending abroad
    - Great discounts when buying bulk
    - Lovely shop and friendly, helpful staff
    - Great choice of beads and findings, as well as tools
    - Easy, user friendly website with clear product photos and descriptions.

    Thanks from a happy customer over many years!

  13. I love beads unlimited because you always have something to inspire my next project. Your mix of the month is wonderful and you never let me down! I recently emailed to tell you how amazing you are and if I lived closer I would come and hug everyone of you!

  14. Ranina Berry says:

    Congratulations on the three wins! you guys totally deserve it. I think beads unlimited is fantastic and the best bead website around, because they are what got me started. I found the website on a search engine while looking for a new hobby, and kept putting things in my basket wishing i could buy them. For christmas my sister got me one of the starter kits and it grew from there! I love the free projects and have done a few of them and they look lovely (: The service is fantastic, i even recieved an email asking why i had left the website with items still in my basket and if theyd done anything to make me leave, shows they care about keeping their customers. Shipping was fast and paying was quick and easy, Overall a fantastic website and business (: I love you guys x x

  15. Sheila says:

    Great beads, great service, great website!

  16. Lisa says:

    The reason is in the name – Beads Unlimited, never limited with beads and other supplies for jewellery making. Friendly customer service, fab facebook page, helping people to be creative by creating competitions with a theme. Great prices, awesome P&P. Easy navigation around the website, amazing blog. In a whole an awesomely amazing place with beautiful beads to shop for.

  17. Megan says:

    The option to buy in bulk (and the good discount that goes with it!)
    Reasonably priced postage rates
    Speedy service
    Good website, easy to use
    Good quality/choice of beads – LOVE your range of fire polished beads!
    Great Tutorials
    Special offers and discounts
    I’m a very satisfied customer, and if I ever find myself in Brighton I will make a point of visiting your shop (-:

  18. Jenny says:

    Stunning service – great friendly staff – really helpful when I visited the Brighton Bead Shop for the first time at Easter. Great on-line community with inspiring competitions! Well done on your win.

  19. Louise Marie says:

    Beads Unlimited has simply the best quality beads.. i always love using upcycled jewellery and using vintage buttons etc so i buy my findings from beads unlimited because i KNOW they will last because they are professionally sourced! Also i love a business that truely values their customers!!
    My boyfriend has promised to take me on the 200 mile trip to Brighton just so i can visit your shop!! Its happening in the next 6 months ill make sure of it! And i cant wait :D

  20. Graziella says:

    Beads Unlimited are the Best because they not only offer a vast selection of products at great prices but they also provide a great fast service with a smile! :-)

  21. beverley says:

    Love the huge range of beads, pendants, findings. Also love the quality and the discounts when bulk buying :)

  22. Gill Panton says:

    Fantastic site always has the best of everything I need. Never disappointed with my purchases and have told lots of friends about this superb site. Congratulations on your achievements well done and definitely deserved.

  23. Victoria Crooks says:

    Congratulations on your much deserved win. I think Beads Unlimited are simply the best because since I started making jewellery you have supported me the whole way; with excellent products, competitive prices and prompt deliveries. Your quick responses to emails and advice about how to use your products has been invaluable and I have learnt a great deal from your excellent tutorials. Thank you!

  24. andy wyatt says:

    they are so friendly and helpful both in the shop and in the warehouse a great bunch
    it is not like going in to a shop its like being part of it great

  25. Jackie says:

    Reliable, easy to use website good quality,good prices if
    You are running a group

  26. Emma says:

    Beads unlimited is the best because… well they just are! they have anything and everything you need to create amazing jewellery

  27. Becki Short says:

    Beads Unlimited are the best because they have super friendly and helpful staff, and the best quality items and prices. The website is easy to use, and I love the fact that if you email in a question, or call up, you actually get a reply! :)

  28. Vicki Horne says:

    SIMPLY THE BEST BETTER THAN ALL THE REST!!!!! and you have great stock and give out great advice. xxx

  29. lisa says:

    You have the best website with the coolest shop in the coolest city!

  30. Chris Harrison says:

    Congratulations the accolades are all well deserved. You always have a great selection of products at brilliant prices and your service is second to none. I always recommend you to other jewellery makers for products and tutorials. Your blog is fab. xx

  31. Anna says:

    Congrats on your well-deserved wins. Your customer service really is superb – any queries I’ve had have always been speedily replied to by staff who are so helpful and pleasant to deal with. I love your speedy delivery and look forward to my parcels with glee!

  32. Rachael says:

    Just coz!!! :)

  33. Charlotte Haslam says:

    I think Beads unlimited are the best because the prices and range is better than any other jewelry making company ive come accross! They are also really quick with delivery and a pleasure to do business with!

  34. Debbie Fleming says:

    Well done to you all again. You really came up with the goods as always.
    Brilliant site, superb tutorials, inspiring free downloads, mind blowing offers,
    easy to use site, fantastic choices for all levels of crafting, sensational customer services,
    quick to answer all queries and above all great prices. Love you all to bits. congrats again
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) easily a ten star rating. ;*

  35. Joanna-Gloria says:

    You are the best because not only do you supply us with great quality findings in great prices, but you also inspire us with great ideas and tutorials and above all, you show real care and love for jewellery making. Beads Unlimited is not just another business, an impersonal seller. There are real people behind it and it shows!!

  36. DESPINA says:

    Beyond the products, the prizes and even the amazing blog and ideas, there is this personal contact, the communication that’s evident to all. It shows that there is a human heart behind it all -well, several human hearts, to be accurate :) ) Keep showing how “online retail business” should be like <3 <3

  37. Kaye says:

    What a great site, great beads and great service they are never late come rain or shine its alway there when you need something whether its beads, insperation or advice.

  38. Carrie B says:

    You are the best because you listen to your customers. You constantly keep everyone updated through Bead Barmy and your Facebook page. ALL staff I have ever met or spoken to are friendly, knowledgable, and speak with passion about your products. Beads Unlimitedly Perfect! xxx

  39. Joan Newton says:

    I asked the instructor at a jewellery party (when I got hooked) where she got her tools from and she said you. She also warned me that your website would be a threat to my bank account. How right she was!! My stash is already huge but I can’t resist buying something new every time I visit. Your range is simply stunning and I can always get inspiration for new designs when I get “jeweller’s block”. I can’t believe the value you offer compared to other suppliers, I recently paid less than half the price I was asked for the same product in a local shop and got more than twice as much – you can’t beat that. Email enquiries are responded to promptly and always answer my questions. Congratluations on your well-earned awards.

  40. paula rickatson says:

    knowledgeable freindly staff
    great clear easy to use web site
    super quality probucts at reasonable prices ( good job cause we all buy too much )
    delivered fast

  41. Beads Unlimited are by far the best bead shop I come across. The high quality and shear amount of different beads to choose from is just amazing. The epic sale section is just fantastic and unrivalled by any other bead shop out there. Top banana in my book :)

  42. Gill Lyons says:

    Beads unlimited are simply the best because they have:

    Beautiful beads
    Extensive choice
    Super service
    Tempting offers.

  43. Gemma says:

    I have only recently discovered Beads Unlimited, and they have quickly become my new favourite supplier. Their easy to use website and fantastic range of products means I can quickly and simply order everything I need, and it’s great that they give discounts for bulk buys. I especially love the steampunk pendants! Will definitely be buying from you lots in the future!

  44. Faye Moffatt says:

    Beads Unlimited is my favourite jewellery making supply site. I always order from them, at least twice a month, simply because I trust them! They are always reliable and have never let me down with regards to postage, which has always been prompt, or quality. I don’t need to shop around as their range of stuff is so varied that I can always find what I need. A friend just bought my birthday presents from beads unlimited too, and when asking me what I would like, I told him I didn’t even need to look and I would like anything he bought me from their site haha! Thanks beads unlimited, you have saved me a lot of time and trouble, and helped me on my jewellery endeavours!

  45. Karen says:

    Congratulations to all of you on your hat trick of awards! You really deserve them!
    The mere fact that you need larger premises says it all – more beads, even more choice and the same excellent level of customer service. You are beadalicious and tick all the boxes for us Beady Types!

  46. jill jennings says:

    You are the best because I never visit the site without seeing something I’d love to buy, and I often do!!

  47. Joyce says:

    Beads Unlimited is simply the best, they have a great range of products and a great team who answer all your questions on how to use them.

  48. Megan Knox says:

    Beads Unlimited is the best because they have a great selection of high quality beading supplies, and their customer service is top notch.

  49. Roisin O'hagan says:

    quite simply the best because your ranges are eclectic, your delivery is speedy and your blog is friendly…oh Eclectic Speedy Friendly Beads Unlimited :-)

  50. karen keats says:

    Beads Unlimited………….fair prices – more than fair postage – fantastic quality………………what more can a jewellery maker want???????????????????????

  51. Sybil Burgess says:

    Excellent and large range of stock, quick delivery and friendly staff. I am lucky enough to live a short train journey from the shop and meet the helpful and friendy staff and see for myself the excellent range of beads and associated items, although I do avail myself of the postal service.

  52. Beads unlimited is the best






    Beads Unlimited not only sells the beads but also shows you what to do with the beads on Youtube. I am 17 years old and just starting out but I will be making beads unlimited my supplier from now on. The attention I get in school with the bracelets I made is making me and my bracelets a popular attraction.

    Thanks Beads Unlimited!!!

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