Bead Doctor Tutorial – Beaded Box Chain Maille Bracelet

Beaded chain maille looks really effective and is easier than it looks. This week, the Bead Doctor shows you how to make this stunning bracelet.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 1: Gather your materials

    Step 1: Gather materials

    Find a list of everything you will need below.

    Pause the steps at any time by mousing over the slideshow and clicking the pause button. Click the pause button again to continue.

    Use the left-right arrows or slide numbers to navigate.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 2: Cut your wire and add jump rings

    Step 2: Cut wire, add first jump rings

    Cut 20cm of plastic coated wire.

    Thread on a crimp and pass the end of the wire back through the crimp to make a loop. Squeeze the crimp flat.

    Open a jump ring, thread on a jump ring, the loop of the wire and another jump ring.

    Close the open jump ring.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 3: Standard 2-2-2 chain maille technique

    Step 3: Standard 2-2-2 technique

    Next add two jump rings so that they sit either side of the wire.

    Add another two, followed by two more.

    This is a standard 2-2-2.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 4: Flipping the jump rings

    Step 4: The fiddly bit

    Now for the fiddly bit!

    Hold the end of the chain section, let the two most recently added jump rings flip open - one falling to each side.

    Let the previous two jump rings move away from each other exposing a small section of the jump rings flipped to the sides.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 5: Continue adding the jump rings

    Step 5: Continue jump rings

    Use a new open jump ring to hook through the exposed sections of jump rings one side of the wire.

    Close the jump ring and add another in the same way so that the wire sits in the middle.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 6: Adding the beads

    Step 6: Add beads

    Thread on a 4mm bead.

    Move along the wire until it sits snugly in the middle of the most recently added jump rings.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 7: Repeat steps to continue

    Step 7: Repeat steps

    Add a jump ring each side of the wire to the previous jump rings. Make sure that they sit snugly between the bead and the jump rings.

    Add two more jump rings.

    Follow steps 3 and 4.

    Thread on a bead then follow steps 5 and 6.

    Continue repeating until your bracelet is the desired length. Mine is 17cm before adding the clasp.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 8: Finish off

    Step 8: Finishing off

    When the chain is the desired length add a single jump ring so that it matches the beginning of the chain.

    Pull the chain taught.

    Thread a crimp onto the wire, pass the wire through the single jump ring and back through the crimp.

    Squeeze the crimp flat and trim the excess wire.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Beaded Box Chain Step 9: Adding a toggle clasp

    Step 9: Add toggle clasp

    Open the single jump ring at one end of the chain.

    Add one half of a toggle clasp and close the jump ring.

    Repeat on the other end to add the other half of the clasp.

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Top tip

Open a load of jump rings before you start. This will make the making part much easier!

I used 82 8mm jump rings and twelve 4mm beads for a 17cm bracelet before adding clasps.

Greetings form the Bead Doctor

Taking a break from profiteroles!

Whew, it’s been a hectic week! Beads Unlimited is growing and we’ve taken over the unit next to ours to make room for more lovely beads. So we’ve been having a major spring clean in the office ready for our imminent move. Earlier in the week I managed to burn my hand baking for a profiterole competition! In-between all this I’ve been making a new chain maille bracelet for you all to have a go at. I hope you enjoy it, now I’m off for a lie down!

Giving it away!

For a chance to win all the materials to make my beaded chain maille bracelet we’d like you to tell us what new beading technique you would like to try your hand at this year. Please let us know in the comments box below by midnight on Sunday 8th April. The winner will then be notified by email and asked for their postal address. Good luck everyone!


To add all the materials needed for this project, simply click the button below to add it to your basket. Or, if you are just short of one or two bits, click on the individual items.*

*Craft multi pliers (CRMT) – Not Included

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