Be our Guest at the Big Bead Show

We have space on the guest list for two pairs of eager beaders for the beading event of the year.

Read on if you fancy free entry to a great day out!

Big beady treat


So much to see and do

The next Big Bead Show, hosted by Bead magazine, takes place on Saturday 31st March 2012 at Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey. If you’ve not been to the Big Bead Show before then you’re in for a treat! It’s the biggest all-beading event in the UK, with over 80 exhibitors stocking supplies for all your beading and jewellery making needs.

If you are looking for top tips from the experts, there will also be a fantastic range of workshops and free taster demonstrations happening across the show. If you have never been to the Big Bead Show before, we guarantee you will be hooked!

Get on the guest list


Come and say hello!

We have space on the guest list for two pairs of eager beaders for this ‘must do’ event. If you’d like to win, all you need to do is tell us, in the comments box below, what you are looking forward to seeing, doing or buying at the Big Bead Show.

The closing date for entries is midnight on Sunday 25th March. Winners will be notified by email and your name with a plus one will be winging its way onto the Big Bead Show guest list.

Good luck everybody!

Say hello

Beads Unlimited will be at the show flaunting our wares, so do please pop along and say hello. We love meeting our customers, old and new, face to face.


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  1. I can’t wait to meet up with a whole bunch of my facebook beading buddies at the Big Bead Show, and am hoping to find some unusual beads and findings to challenge my designing, and also do some seed bead shopping to fuel my latest obsession! :)

  2. helen martin says:

    Hi, I’m looking forward to learning new skills and looking for new suppliers of products at a competitive price and more unusual beads. With the aim to help fund my new hobby I’d like to develop into a business.

    Thanks, Helen

  3. Louise says:

    As i am now a student, i havnt had as much time for beading as id like to have, and therefore i am not up to date, uninspired and unhappy!! Id love to go to the Big Bead Show so that i become as excited about beading as i was 6 months ago and i can buy loads of supplies and spent my whole summer beading my life away, and introducing some new and exciting products onto my folksy website.. and hopefully make some money for my second year at University!! This year i am trying to visit as many exhibitions and events as possible but being a student i am highly lacking in funding – i’d love a day out on Beads Unlimited!!

    Louise Marie x

  4. Natalie says:

    I have recently started making jewellery and am yet to experience a bead show. It would be lovely to put a name/face or 2 to the lovely people at beads unlimited who make it possible for me purchase the amazing beads at fabulous prices and not to forget the exceedingly fabulous delivery service.

    Many Thanks to you all

    Natalie x

  5. Hi

    I’m looking for new and exciting beads for me to develop my range of children’s jewellery even further. I’d also like to learn new techniques to make my jewellery even more special!.

    Thank you


  6. Marian says:

    Since I started beading I have been inspired by the Beads Unlimited website and all the lovely beads and ideas. Thanks for your fabulous service too. I could spend every hour of my day creating new designs from unusual beads and accessories, and just live for the creative process of beading. I would go crazy at the Big Bead Show. Masses of beads, findings, bits and pieces to buy and inspirational ideas, people to meet, things to learn. It fills me with excitement at the thought I might be able to have a Big Day Out there, not just buying but the opportunity for learning new ideas and meeting many inspirational people. Big bag ready to hold all my purchases. Beading frenzy on the horizon!

    Hope to see you there! Marian

  7. Sandra says:

    Never been to this show but have been to some smaller ones and I always feel like a child in a sweetie shop – so much to see and so much to buy, so many enthusiastic people all in the same place at once. Lots of ideas and encouragement from the stall holders who are usually full of help and information and guidance. To me bead shows are just a great day out and as this is the largest then I am sure it will be tremendous – just hope I can find the Beads Unlimited stall in amongst those 80 stalls!!!

    Thankyou for all your help in the past and here’s to more beading in the future


  8. Andrew wyatt says:

    hi never been to a bead show or exbition as on benefits as being disabled so cant aford to buy a ticket would so much like to go

  9. Susan Samuel says:

    Never been to a bead show before, but would love to get inspiration in beads and techniques as my daughter is getting married next year. I am rather new to beading but once started just don’t seem to be able to stop.

  10. ann says:

    Hi, I am fairly new to jewellery making so this will be my first bead show and I look forward to meeting other beaders and sharing ideas and also to seeing and buying lots of new a d different things, there is very little available locally here. I have sevveral ‘special birthdayys’ this year and would like to make them all some treasure they can keep, thanks and regards

  11. Alex says:

    My name is Alex and I am a bead-a-holic ! I don’t think they have yet devised a 12-step program for my condition and even if they had, I wouldn’t want it.
    I came to the Big Bead Show at Esher last October and was absolutely stunned at the number and variety of the stands and beads available. I just can’t wait to see all the colours and finishes of all those amazing beads on offer and maybe buy a FEW…….who am I kidding !! I’ll probably buy loads, like always.
    See you there !

  12. GILLIAN HOUGH says:


  13. Jane says:

    Having just introduced my daughter to the wonderful world of beading I’d like to be able to treat her to some additions to her “stash”, especially as she has been poorly lately.

  14. Isa says:

    I would like to start getting other beaders and who knows a future partner for a business?
    I’ve doing beading for a few years but mainly sell to my friends. I finally have the courage to get out and try to grab a piece of the action! I have a clean credit card crying to be filled with debts, so I think I will thoroughly enjoy myself.

  15. Linda says:

    My daughter has not been to a bead show before and having introducing her to beads. Its been wonderful to be able to do things together at last. I am looking forward to see what is available and buy some tools and beads.

  16. Eve says:

    I am looking forward to finding lots of new beads that I have yet to lay my eyes on and meeting lots if likeminded people. I am very new to jewellery making and I love picking up new hints and tips!

  17. Gill Colling says:

    I’ll be there….only my second bead show…I’m a full time carer with no transport but a good friend/bead tutor has invited me :D …. help with the ticket cost would be a huge help (I could put the entrance money towards a few beads …doubt I’ll have much to spend, gonna try to scrape a tenner together). anyway a day out will do me good, my beading muse seems to have deserted me at present, maybe she’ll return with some inspiration eh?

  18. Gill Colling says:

    Can I withdraw my entry for the draw please? I have just been promised a ticket by a friend so would prefer not to take someone elses chance of going…thankyou

  19. jenny argyle says:

    I’m booked into two workshops and looking forward to catching up with online beading buddies. First bead fair in the south for me – counting down the days!

  20. Carol Braddick says:

    Looking forward to seeing clever, quirky beads and the spring line up!

  21. Pauline says:

    Looking forward very much to coming to the Big Bead fair. looking for more beading materials although I have lots already you can never have enough. Been beading for about a year now, oringally started by making christmas presents for girls at work. My friend and I attended last year at Esher and cannot wait until we return again.

  22. emma says:

    I’m looking to stock up my supply and refresh my colour pallette. I’m looking to learn new techniques and try to start designing for myself by looking for inspiration at the show.

  23. Chris Towey says:

    I’m new to beading so would love to meet up with beaders and see new bead trends

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