The Bead Doctor Tutorial – Crystal Chain Necklace

The Bead Doctor banishes the winter blues in her first tutorial of the new year, a sparkling crystal beaded chain necklace in three easy steps.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Crystal Chain Necklace Step 1: Gather your materials

    Step 1: Gather materials

    Find a list of everything you will need below.

    Pause the steps at any time by mousing over the slideshow and clicking the pause button.

    Click the pause button again to continue.

    Use the left-right arrows or slide numbers to navigate.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Crystal Chain Necklace Step 2: Beading eyepins

    Step 2: Beading eyepins

    Thread a 6mm crystal onto an eyepin.Trim 1cm above the bead, bend into a loop add an eyepin and close.

    Add three more 6mm, six 10mm and 4 more 6mm to make a beaded chain.

    The second strand needs four 6mm, eight 10mm and four 6mm.

    Final strand is four 6mm, ten 10mm and four 6mm beads.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Crystal Chain Necklace Step 3: Adding chain

    Step 3: Adding Chain

    Add a length of chain the same size as your first strand and another the same size as your second strand.

    Join with an 8mm jump ring on each side as shown.

  • Bead Doctor Tutorial - Crystal Chain Necklace Step 4: Finishing off

    Step 4: Finishing off

    Add the desired lengths of chain to the beaded section.

    Attach an 8mm jump ring to one end of the chain and a jump ring with trigger clasp to the other.

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Top Tips

Try using antique gold chain instead of gold for a vintage look.

Greetings from the Bead Doctor


Happy new year from the Bead Doctor!

Well, I hope you all had as lovely Christmas as I did. This year was full of novelty for me as I cooked my first turkey ever in my brand new oven for just the two of us and our cat, Edmund. I got quite carried away with my sparkling appliance and made a ton of mince pies too. I still keep producing one or two from the freezer at an opportune moment on unsuspecting friends! Anyway, this year, I am determined not to get the post Christmas blues. I’ve designed a sparkly crystal necklace in turquoise and gold, which I’m hoping will keep me in the party spirit until Spring. If you fancy looking glam through the dark months why not give my tutorial a go? I’ve included links to a printable project sheet and all the materials incase you’re missing any ingredients.


We asked you all to tell us what your first make of 2012 will be in the comments box below to be in with a chance of winning all the materials for this project. This month’s winner is Helen who posted on 24th January. We are so pleased that you’ve got the beading bug Helen and we hope this will help to keep it going!


To add all the materials needed for this project, simply click the button below to add it to your basket. Or, if you are just short of one or two bits, click on the individual items.*

You will also need: Craft multi pliers (CRMT) – Not Included


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  1. Gill Colling says:

    Well my first make of 2012 was my CRAW necklace with interchangeable pendants. It’s my first piece of cubic right angle weave so I am quite pleased with it (I will post a photo on Facebook for you). I’ve also made some earrings in pearl and black AB seedies and have plans for some other pieces.

  2. chloe says:

    My first make for 2012 was a jump ring bracelet with hanging pendants.

  3. Gill Colling says:

    Love the necklace although I would prefer it on silver rather than gold.

  4. Chris says:

    my first make was a necklace with a watch in it, i used 4mm beads from a bead soup mix, the necklace was long, below the watch was some bead tassels.

  5. Saw your CRAW necklace on facebook Gill – it’s lovely.

  6. Rachael says:

    My first make is a recycled button necklace, complete with very pretty beads. Working on it this evening!

  7. Emma says:

    My first make was some bead weaving – I tried a double spiral bracelet which I’ve been putting off for ages as it looked really difficult! I’m pleased to say it all worked out well and I’m quite proud of myself (if a little cross eyed!!).

  8. Karen says:

    My First Make for 2012 was I wooden Bracelet with a slipknot .

  9. Sara says:

    My first make of 2012 was an orange and purple necklace using lampwork beads from an SRA and seed beads. I’ve called it Carnaby in readiness for my return to the UK and London in the summer!

  10. Beryl says:

    About to make my first item for this year; a necklace of dusky pink heart shape cats eyes, silver stardust beads and tiny pearls. Thinking of calling it Heart’s Delight. I think it would be nice for a Spring bride.

  11. Edith Monteith says:

    My first make was a pair of earrings using my new wigjig I got for Christmas. They are chandelier in style with pale yellow crystal drops and it was so nice to get the shape matching exactly without all the usual ajdustments!

  12. Angela Farley says:

    For christmas I recieved 5 lots of assorted beads from my sons girlfriend so I shall be busy desiging my own necklaces for once and not just for January.

  13. Eileen Miller Northern Ireland says:

    I have made a new necklace incorporating Silver bendy tube and fimo flowers. I think it is nice and so did a lady in town as she asked me to make her one the very same.

  14. Carol Martin says:

    I’m quite new to jewellery making- I only started in Sept 11 and I am totally hooked. I got beads, etc as my Christmas pressies, so couldnt wait to get beading. My first make for 2012 is a necklace using 7 silver oval rings and did wire-wrapping around them using 5 beads on each. Linked them together with jump rings then put chain at each end. I showed my friend who was quite impressed that I had made it. Beading is so enjoyable & great satisfaction at the end when a project is completed.

  15. Roni says:

    My first make was wire wrapped earring made with a new WigJig I bought!

  16. Michelle says:

    My first make of the year was my first make ever! It was a square stitch bracelet.

  17. Sarah Mark says:

    I made some swarovski heart drop earrings in purple on a fine silver chain ready for valentines day!

  18. Karen says:

    My first make of 2012 was a lariat-style necklace using waxed cotton cord, little metal butterflies and czech crystals.

  19. Lynn says:

    My first make of 2012 was a bunch of rings. I made 6 butterfly rings with two layers of wings that made them appear to be flying. I folded one wing up to give them depth. I also attached swarovski crystals to the front of the butterfly’s. I used the same color swarovski crystal’s to match the color of the ring base. I hand wrapped each of the ring bases. I also made two-swarovski crystal peyote stitch rings one in amethyst and smoke colors. I made 5 stretch rings all have their own patterns. I made a pair of butterfly earrings to match the butterfly rings. I made two swarovski crystals hair clips in amethyst and Peridot. I love making jewelry and one idea leads to the next.

  20. Helen says:

    My first make of 2012 was actually my first making of anything for about 20 years. I used to make things as a child but was inspired by a friend at the end of last year (who made me a bracelet) to get back into the hobby. I ordered a starter kit from eBay, and from this I made 3 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces and 2 bracelets.

    Then in the last week I spent a fair bit of money in Hobbycraft and on the Beads Unlimited website on more supplies (as I exhausted the starter kit) and I’m waiting for my new supplies to arrive to make more.

    I’ve got the jewellery making bug big time! :)

  21. Ioanna says:

    My first make for 2012 was a wonderful chunky bracelet for my mum’s name day, in the beginning of January -bali silver, crystals and handmade lampwork in denim blue
    :) )

  22. DESPINA says:

    My first make was a baroque inspired necklace made of black and white crystals, silver chains, Trinity brass components and an art tile focal, especially customized for me, using a photo my boyfriend made. He’s a photographer and it was a surprise to him to see his work incorporated in another -totally different- piece of work. He’d never imagined!!
    :) ))))))))))))))))))))

  23. Rachael says:

    Hi my first make of 2012 was a pair of ear-rings with purple glass beads and small crystals :)

  24. Stacy says:

    My first make of the year was a hippy charm bracelet called hippy gem. It is made from coloured gumball beads and pearls with coloured flowers, coloured peace charms and tie dyed coloured buttons. Was very flower power hehe x

  25. Helen Bowen says:

    I’ve been working on a range of jewellery that can be worn in different ways. My first make of the new year was actually three makes in one. It was a necklace that has a component which can be removed and worn as a bracelet, leaving a shorter choker necklace. With money tight, flexibility in clothes and accessories is a must.

  26. Kerry Phillips says:

    My first make of 2012 was a beautiful tiara made with swarovski cream pearls and crystals.
    The pearls was wrapped and twisted straight up, in a kinda beauty queen design. Each row had a crystal at the top to give that glitz an glam. The base of the tiara i use smaller pearl wrapped along the edge just to give it a cleaner finish and hide all the wire wrap. The bride was married on the 28th of Jan and she looked stunning :)

  27. Hilary Thomas says:

    Hi…. My first make of 2012 was a bracelet made using micro macrame, black czech glass crystals ans size 11 black seed beads. It is 30cms wide and is finished with an antique silver button.

  28. Jenny says:

    My first make was kuhimimo braiding – with seed bead end caps and ceramic/copper wire focal

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