A Trip to China – New Beads on the Horizon

The owner of Beads Unlimited, Geoff Ellis is currently on a trip to China to search out fabulous new beads for your delight! And guess who’s gone with him?

Geoff has taken Bead Barmy’s very own Bead Doctor, Gemma Gray, with him. As well as being a beading expert, Gemma is also a very talented shopper!

Cheers everyone!

Beader in Beijing

We know it’ll be a difficult task for Gemma as chief buyer – trawling through mountains of delicious beads, sight seeing in China and sampling the local hospitality – but we know she’ll try her best!

Geoff and Gemma are currently in Beijing. They sent us a few pictures back today to show us how the trip is going. So far, so good by the looks of it!

Keeping us posted


Down the hatch!

As well as sending us photos, Gemma will also be updating us on a regular basis by posting us diary entries to share with you all on Bead Barmy. We just hope she wrote her latest entry before these pictures were taken!

Pictured here is Mr Chen, the factory owner showing Geoff and Gemma a little of the nightlife.

Geoff told us that Mr Chen has been a most generous host, making their trip to China exceedingly pleasant.


Hmm.. another round?

The shape of beads to come

As you can see from the top picture, there has been a fair amount of bead searching going on too and we are all very excited to hear the next of Gemma’s updates.

Who knows, we may even see some bead sample teasers in the coming days!  Keep checking back everybody!

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  1. Jane says:

    Looks like they are having fun! Seeing the new beads will be exciting

  2. I know Jane. We can’t wait!

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