Bead Doctor – Box Chain Explained

Chain Mail is big news and looks fabulous. But how do you achieve this eye-catching effect? The Bead Barmy Bead Doctor shows you how.

Use 7mm jump rings - approximately 150 for an 8inch bracelet including the toggle clasp.


Fig 1                                       Fig2

Begin by opening 30 or so jump rings to get you started.

With 1 open jump ring hang 2 closed jump rings and 1

half of a clasp – then close the jump ring. See Fig1.

Next, add 2 jump rings side by side onto the 2 jump rings already on the bracelet.

See Fig2.


Fig 3

Now for the fiddly bit – hold the clasp end and let the 2 most

recently added jump rings flip open – 1 falling to each side. Let the previous 2 jump rings move away from each other exposing a small section of the jump rings flipped to the sides. Use a new open jump ring to hook through these exposed sections of jump rings . See Fig3.


Fig 4

Close this jump ring and then add another in the same way so the 2 lie neatly side by side. Add 2 jump rings side by side through the 2 most recently added jump rings. See fig. 4

Let these 2 jump rings flip open – 1 falling to each side.

Continue to repeat until the chain is the required length. Add a single jump ring to attach the other half of the clasp. So there you have it.

Do you want to learn more chain maile techniques?

Take a look at the Beaded Box Chain Bracelet Bead Doctor tutorial.


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  1. Caroline says:

    I love chain maille and teach it down here in Devon. Its very popular and such fun. Try adding crystals to your finished item – looks stunning

  2. Brilliant idea Caroline. Why not email some chain mail pics to me at We could feature them here for people to see.

  3. Diane says:

    I love this chain maille bracelet. It was my first attempt at box chain and found it easy, if a little fiddly. The instructions were very clear. Has given me confidence to make more maille jewellery. Many thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Thanks Diane, it’s great to get some feedback on projects. Look out for more in the near future. So glad you found it easy to follow.

  5. Grace says:

    That one completely lost me! I must not be cut out for this! lol

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